History of Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation

Landmarks in this endeavor - timeline style.

1890 - first surgical breast augmentation procedure was performed with paraffin injection.

1920 - Fat transplants were tried.  Fatty tissue was surgically removed from the belly and buttock areas and trasferred into the breast

1960's - Silicone injections directly into the breast was tried

1950s - Polyvinyl sponges started to be implanted into the breasts for breast augmentation

1961 - The first silicone breast implant was developed.

1982 - Silicone breast implants were withdrawn due to safety concerns

1988 - Dow Corning, one of the silicone breast implants largest manufacturer settled a class action lawsuit for 3.2 billion for 170,000 women

1992 - Only saline-filled implants have been allowed in the American general market for cosmetic breast augmentation.  Silicone breast implants had been available only to special pateints through FDA approved trials

1995 - Soybean Oil implants introduced

2001 Brava Breast Enhancement and Shaping System was introduced

2006 - November, the FDA (USA) approves silicone breast implants again


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